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If you desire an exquisite lifestyle with the ultimate in luxury and convenience, look no furhter than Integra Meadows. Throughout every part of our community, you will marvel at the unsurpassed attention to detail and quality. Now it's your chance to enjoy the fruits of our labor and discover the many pleasures of life at Integra Meadows.

Centrally located in the growing town of Davenport, Florida, Integra Meadows is just a short drive to the excitement of Kissimmee and the action of Orlando. We are only minutes away from Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World and all major attractions! Situated just off I-4, Integra Meadows is also convenient to the Tampa Bay area, Lakeland and Four Corners - putting you at the center of it all.

We will keep leasing information and updates on this site so check back frequently. Already live at Integra Meadows? This is a place for current and future residents! It's a great place to get to know your property, find out information and get your questions answered. You'll find updates on our awesome resident social events here as well as news and highlights on our beautiful community.

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No Double Parking!!

Home late parking in the next building over?
Want to stay dry?
Avoid using the car fold up visors!
Rent a Garage for only $50.00 a month

Come into the office and lease one today!!

Toys From Tyler!


This year, as we plan our resident function for December, we would like to ask you to support Toys from Tyler, a toy drive that was started by a young boy (Tyler) who beat Stage IV Neuroblastoma in 2005. Tyler is a very brave boy who decided to bring toys into the hospitals to other children who were suffering from serious illnesses as he was through the holiday season. You can read more about him and the work that he has done and been awarded for at http://www.ToysFromTyler.com/ . If you are interested in participating, we ask that you bring an unwrapped toy into our leasing office by 12/17/11. Thank you so much for your support!



Pet Vet Day!


FROM: 12:00PM - 4:00PM
-$20 EXAMS


Thank a Vet!

Happy Veteran's Day!!

Today take a moment and thank a Vet!!!

A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.

Joseph Campbell

Daylight Savings

Don't forget to turn back the clocks!!
clock  Images
Daylight savings time is tonight and you get to sleep in and enjoy your comfy bed for a whole extra hour!


You don't even need to know how to dance just move your body to the beat!

Classes every Thursday from 6:00pm. - 6:45pm.
and every Saturday from 1:00pm. - 1:45pm.

Just $5 a class!!
If you would like more details come see Michelle in the office!! :)

Earn cash off your rent!!

Want to put some CA$H back in your bank??

We are looking a few night attendants to work from the hours of 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm  Monday - Friday
Saturday 5:00 pm - 11:00 pm and Sunday's from 12:00 am - 11:00 pm

You would earn $25 off your rent, Monday - Saturday and Sundays $50 off your rent!
Just in time to put some $$$$$ back in your pockets for the holidays!

Integra Meadows Blood Drive

Please join us in our first ever blood drive Saturday, October 22nd from 10-2 p.m. for the "I fight cancer, I donate blood " campaign! Let's show our support and join the fight for not only breast cancer but for any cancer! Come into the office for more information and sign up TODAY!!

Pumpkin Pie!


Eat More Pumpkin Pie!!
Just in time for the Holidays a reason to eat more Pumpkin Pie..  It lowers your risk of melanoma and other skin cancers. Makes your skin moister, tighter, and plumper, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles!

September 11, 2001

In memory of all those who lost their lives and those they left behind...

United We Stand!

This is a story of a historic event,

And this is the way that it went.

An airplane crashed thru building one,

Next thing people know two was done.

Now both buildings down of the twin towers,

While people wait for hours and hours.

They watch the police and firefighters strive,

And see if their loved ones are still alive.

Now there are two lights where the towers once stood,

And they shine very bright thru the neighborhood.

This event did not break apart the U.S.A.,

Because we are closer and closer to each other everyday.

Jen S.

National Grandparents Day

September 11, 2011

Quotations about Grandparents

The reason grandchildren and grandparents get along so well is that they have a common enemy. ~Sam Levenson

Grandmas are moms with lots of frosting. ~Author Unknown

What a bargain grandchildren are! I give them my loose change, and they give me a million dollars' worth of pleasure. ~Gene Perret

Grandmothers are just antique little girls. ~Author Unknown

Grandfathers are just antique little boys. ~Author Unknown

Perfect love sometimes does not come until the first grandchild. ~Welsh Proverb

A child needs a grandparent, anybody's grandparent, to grow a little more securely into an unfamiliar world. ~Charles and Ann Morse

A grandmother is a babysitter who watches the kids instead of the television. ~Author Unknown

What children need most are the essentials that grandparents provide in abundance. They give unconditional love, kindness, patience, humor, comfort, lessons in life. And, most importantly, cookies. ~Rudolph Giuliani

A house needs a grandma in it. ~Louisa May Alcott

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day Integra Meadows Residents!

The office will be closed Monday, September 5th in observance of Labor Day. Normal business hours will resume Tuesday, September 6th!

*Please note the clubhouse will be OPEN on Labor Day!!!

Hurricane Preparation Checklist

Hurricane Preparation Checklist

What should I do?

 Make sure you have Renter’s Insurance!!! Be sure you have your policy numbers and claims dept. phone number handy. Remember…the apartment community’s insurance covers our buildings…not your belongings.

 Listen to a NOAAWeather Radio for critical information from the National Weather Service (NWS).

 Check your disaster supplies and replace or restock as needed.

 Bring in anything that can be picked up by the wind (bicycles, lawn furniture on balconies, etc.)

 Close windows and doors.

 Turn the refrigerator and freezer to the coldest setting and keep them closed as much as possible so that food will last longer if the power goes out.

 Turn off propane tanks and unplug small appliances.

 Fill your car’s gas tank

 Talk with members of your household and create an evacuation plan. Planning and practicing your evacuation plan minimizes confusion and fear during the event.

 Learn about your community’s hurricane response plan. Plan routes to local shelters, register family members with special medical needs as required and make plans for your pets to be cared for.

 Evacuate if advised by authorities. Be careful to avoid flooded roads and washed out bridges.

What supplies do I need?

 Water—at east a 3 day supply; one gallon per person per day.

 Food—at least a 3 day supply of non-perishable, easy-to-prepare food.

 Flashlight.

 Battery-powered or hand-crank radio (NOAAWeather Radio, if possible).

 Extra batteries.

 First aid kit.

 Medications (7-day supply) and medical items (hearing aids w/extra batteries, glasses, contact lenses, syringes, cane).

 Multi-purpose tool.

 Sanitation and personal hygiene items.

 Copies of personal documents (medication list and pertinent medical information, proof of address, lease to residence, passports, birth certificates, insurance policies).

 Cell phone with chargers.

 Family and emergency contract information.

 Extra cash.

 Emergency blanket.

 Map(s) of the area.

 Baby supplies (bottles, formula, baby food, diapers).

 Pet supplies (collar, lease, ID, food, carrier, and bowl).

 Tools/supplies for securing your home.

 Extra set of car keys and house keys.

 Extra clothing, hat and sturdy shoes.

 Rain gear.

 Insect repellent and sunscreen.

 Camera for photos of damage.

What do I do after a hurricane?

 Stay alert for extended rainfall and subsequent flooding even after the hurricane or tropical storm has ended.

 If you evacuated, return home only when officials say it is safe.

 Drive only if necessary and avoid flooded roads and washed-out bridges.

 Keep away from loose or dangling power lines and report them immediately to the power company.

 Stay out of any building that has water around it.

 Inspect your home for damage. Take pictures of damage, both of the building and its contents, for insurance purposes.

 Use flashlights in the dark. Do NOT use candles.

 Avoid drinking or preparing food with tap water until you are sure it’s not contaminated.

 Check refrigerated food for spoilage. If in doubt, throw it out.

 Wear protective clothing and be cautious when cleaning up to avoid injury.

 Watch animals closely and keep them under your direct control.

 Use the telephone only for emergency calls.

Emergency Numbers:

 FEMA : 800-621-3362

 Red Cross: 866-438-4636

Stormy Weather

Well, it's rainy season and storm watches and warnings are now in effect. For more information: http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/refresh/graphics_at4+shtml/085712.shtml?5-daynl

Games People Play: The Evolution of Video Games!

    Interested in how electronic games have evolved?

Come out to the Orange County Regional History Center 10th Anniversary Exhibit, Games People Play: The Evolution of Video Games, on display from Saturday, July 2 through Saturday, September 10.

The Orange County Regional History Center is located at 65 East Central Blvd. The History Center is open 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday and from noon to 5:00 p.m. on Sunday. General admission is $9.00, seniors (60+), students and military with I.D. $7.00, and children ages 5 to 12 are $6.00. Historical Society Members and children ages 4 and under are free.

Night Attendant

Good news Residents! We are now accepting applications for Night Attendants! We are looking for someone to cover Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and every other Sunday! Please call or come into the office for more information!
407-396-8259 We hope to see you soon!

Back To School

Integra Meadows Wants to Wish You All A Very Successful Year Ahead! The first student day of school this year will be on Monday, August 22, 2011 and the last day of school for students will be on Friday, June 8, 2012.  

Fun and Exciting Events!

 Looking for a fun time with your family and friends? Then come see IFLY Orlando, an indoor skydiving extreme experience! You will enjoy the sensation of free falling during skydiving without needing a parachute, a plane, or any previous skydiving experience. Great for individuals, youth groups, private parties with Reservations recommended. With Summer coming to an end; it's time to go out with some fun!

Call: 407-903-1150
Conveniently located at : 6805 Visitors Circle, Orlando, FL 32819

Carpet Cleaning

Well, it's about that time again and we will be closing down the Clubhouse and Gym to complete our annual cleaning of the carpets....  We will be closing Tuesday, August 9, 2011 at 4pm and will be re-opening on Wednesday, August, 10, 2011 at 8:30am. We appologize for any inconvenience.  

Luxurious Shopping!

Looking for a luxurious place to shop? Come check out the Mall at Millenia in Orlando, FL. Where great fashion needs beautiful form! Enjoy Complimentary Design and Entertaining Services from the Pottery Barn July 1 - December 31 and arrange a free consultation! Call 407-363-3555....  

Tax Break!!

Tired of paying taxes?
     Well, it's time to relax and take a break! Florida's tax free weekend has been reinstated for 2011 and is scheduled to take place from August 12-14, 2011! This is perfect for parents who need to pick up school supplies, clothing, shoes, and other back-to-school items.       

National Ice Cream Sandwich Day!

Come join us August 2, 2011 in the Clubhouse for FREE ice cream sandwiches to celebrate National Ice Cream Sandwich Day!! We will be providing the sweet frozen treats for our residents!
Need extra cash this month? Then, refer a friend to Integra Meadows and save $200 off of one months rent!!!!! Call the leasing office for more details.... 

Hot? Looking for a place to enjoy your summer? Relax and come join the the summer fun at Integra Meadows!!!!!! We would love to hear all about your fun times by the pool!

Home with your kids this summer?

Home with kids this summer?

If you are interested in meeting up with other parents and kids for daily activities, please contact Cheryl at cshihs@aol.com.

Ideas to keep the kids busy and meet other parents in the community:

Lego Club


Pool Time Fun

Movie Time

Local Field Trips

Let's stop the “I'm boreds” and turn the rest of the summer into something fun for the kids and adults!
Please contact Cheryl at 407-744-5246 for more details! 

Keep Your Pet Healthy in Hot Weather

When the weather gets hot, you can escape inside, fix yourself a cool drink or change your clothes. Your pet, though, doesn’t have as many options for staying cool. As your pet’s caretaker, make sure you’re doing everything you can to help him survive summer weather comfortably.

See the vet

To prepare for summer, make sure your apartment pet has its seasonal check-up. Warm weather is the worst time for fleas and ticks, so get your pet on an effective parasite control program. If your dog or cat isn’t on year-round heartworm medication, you should also have him tested.

Shade and water

If your pet spends the majority of her day outside in warm weather, provide her with shade and, if possible, an unlimited amount of water with an automatic dispenser. Also, be sure not to over-exercise your pet — consider cutting walks or runs a little shorter than you would in cooler weather.

Know heat stroke warning signs

If your pet does get over-heated, watch carefully to see if your pet is in danger. If he is panting or drooling excessively, has trouble breathing, or seems weak or lethargic, get him to a cool place right away. Flat-faced dogs and Persian cats are especially susceptible to overheating because it is harder for them to pant. These pets should always be kept in a cool environment. It’s also a good idea to give your pet a summer haircut to help her beat the heat.

Safe summer surroundings

In extreme temperatures, you need to be aware of what kind of environment your pet is in and for how long. Exposure to hot asphalt, for instance, should be kept at a minimum so as not to burn footpads. Likewise, don’t ever keep a pet waiting in a hot car, where temperatures can soar to deadly heights in minutes. And even though summer backyard parties seem a protected place for your pets, don’t leave them unattended around water, hot grilles or guests who enjoy feeding them unhealthy treats.

In the summer, vets see a large number of pets that have fallen from high-rise balconies or out of screenless windows. Be sure that as you spend time on your apartment porch or balcony, or leave windows open, that you take necessary precautions to keep your pet from falling off or out.

Summer weather offers a great time to enjoy life with your pet. Just remember that Kitty or Spot can’t ask for help — they rely on you to keep them healthy, cool and safe.

Rent Payment Updates! Check it out!

RentPayment now offers renters the availability to pay their rent with the RentPayment iPhone application. RentPayment Mobile revolutionalizes rent payment convenience allowing renters to pay rent, set up monthly AutoPay payments and view their payment history. The application allows renters to create a new account profile or use an existing account to make rent payments using a credit or debit card as well as an electronic check (ACH).

Visit the iTunes app store to download the Rentpayment Mobile app FREE of charge! Available for iPhone, iPod, iPod touch, and iPad.

Summer Music Series at Lakeridge WInery

Live Music Schedule for this Saturday

July 16th, 1-4 p.m.: Airtight

Come and join us each Saturday afternoon in the month of July to listen to great music on the outdoor stage. The event will be held each Saturday afternoon in July from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Admission and parking are free for all guests and complimentary winery tours and wine tasting will be offered throughout the day. Chairs will be available, but we welcome you to bring your own chairs and blankets. No coolers or picnic baskets, please, as we have everything you need! A variety of food and beverages, as well as Lakeridge wines by the glass and domestic & imported beers, will be available for purchase.

We look forward to seeing you!

Music Schedule

July 16th, 1-4 p.m.: Airtight

July 23rd, 1-4 p.m.: Stone Free

July 30th, 1-4 p.m.: Bobby Blackmon & the B3 Blues Band

Attention Residents

Necessary repairs will be made on the property that will require the water to be turned off for the property tomorrow from approximately 9 a.m to 12 p.m.. We are very sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause you!
Happy 4th of July from the staff of Integra Meadows!!

The Integra Meadows leasing office will be closed on Monday, July 4th for the holiday! Our normal business hours will resume on Tuesday, July 5th at 8:30 a.m. Please feel free to contact our after hours service at 407-396-8259 with any emergencies or maintenance issues. Have a safe and happy weekend!

Summer Bash 2011

You and your friends are invited to our 2nd annual resident Summer Bash cookout! The party will be held at the clubhouse/pool area on Friday, July 29th from 5 p.m. until 9 p.m. The office will provide the food and soda. You are welcome to bring any beverage of your choice and keep it in the fridge, however please do not bring any glass containers as they are not permitted in the pool area. There will be drawings for rent giveaways and much much more! We hope you will stop by and say hello– we look forward to seeing you there!

Plants add to a room’s decor and even help freshen the air circulating in an apartment. But if your previous efforts to maintain a plant ended in brown disaster, you may be wary of acquiring a leafy housemate. Fortunately, there are a number of plants that can go leaf-to-leaf with even the blackest of thumbs.

Here are some hardy, hard-to-kill houseplants that just might be right for a green-thumb-challenged apartment.

● The cast-iron plant, or aspidistra elatior, was a favorite in the sooty houses of Victorian England. It can tolerate below-freezing temperatures and low levels of light. This is not a showy plant, as it grows very slowly.

● Certain ivy plants can also thrive under the light of a 60-watt bulb. If you like plants with long, trailing vines, a pothos variety should suit you nicely. You can even prune the plant and place the cuttings in water to start new plants. Note that ivy isn’t a good plant for an apartment with pets: the leaves can be toxic, if eaten.

● Snake plant, also known as “mother-in-law’s tongue,” has long, pointed leaves and can make a striking accent piece. Snake plants prefer bright sunlight and can’t take temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, but fortunately like drier soil; it’s hard to under-water this plant.

● Zanzibar gem is another low-light-tolerant plant that prefers under-watering to over-watering. Like the ivy, it’s not a good plant if you have children or pets that may try to eat the leaves.

● A cyclamen will go dormant during the summer, but, if you can keep it out of bright light during this dormant period and give it generally high humidity, you’ll be rewarded with a long-blooming flower in winter.

● A jade plant can go up to a month between waterings in the winter, but you will need to give it an annual pruning to keep it healthy.

● If your apartment has room for a tree (and is relatively humid), consider a dwarf umbrella, which can grow four- to five-feet-tall and adapt to different levels of light.

● Finally, for those who really don’t like watering, there are always cacti. These might be best if you have a southern-facing window or a balcony, as they like at least a couple of hours of full sun each day.

How to Keep Cool in Your Apartment For Less

When temperatures are on the rise, it seems like you only have two options: run the A/C until you get goose bumps and a power bill bigger than the national debt, or save your pennies and sweat it out hoping you don’t get heat stroke.

But there are ways you can control the temperature in your apartment and keep your energy bill down. Follow these steps for a cooler apartment and lower bills.

Cool down your apartment
There are many steps you can take to cool down your apartment without blasting the air conditioner.

•Cross ventilation is the key. Open windows on both sides of your apartment to allow air circulation.
•Window fans work best when blowing air out, so put your fan on the sunny side of the apartment and let it expel the hot air while pulling cool air from open windows on the shady side.
•Keep shades or curtains pulled on the sunny side of the house.
•Make your own personal air conditioner by placing a bowl of ice in front of a fan and letting it blow on you.
•If your apartment has a ceiling fan, use it.
•Replace incandescent light bulbs with fluorescent. This will also save energy.
•If you get a lot of direct sunlight, think about window films to block heat. They will also keep heat from going out the windows in the winter.
Act cool
Sometimes what you do in your apartment can raise the inside temperature or make you fell hotter. Take these steps to make you feel cooler.

•Exercise and do strenuous activities in the evening or early morning when temperatures are lower.
•Pace yourself when performing household activities, such as cooking or cleaning, and don’t over-exert yourself.
•Keep wet. Take tepid baths or showers, or go swimming in the community pool.
•Avoid opening and closing the refrigerator and freezer often, as the harder they work, the more heat they put out.
•Put cold cloths or ice on your pulse points, especially on the neck and wrists.
•If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Spend as much time as possible in the cooler areas of your apartment.
•Instead of an oven, use your microwave or a toaster oven. Or choose meal elements involving items that don’t require baking, such as sandwiches.
Dress cool
Make sure what you’re wearing is not working against these cooling techniques.

•Think light, both in color and in fabric.
•Natural fabrics like cotton are much cooler than most synthetics, although there are new high-tech synthetics made specifically to keep you cool.
•Loose fitting clothes allow air to circulate, keeping you cooler.
•The fewer clothes, the better; but make sure your apparel is appropriate for your roommates or houseguest.
Eat and drink cool
What you put in your body can have almost as much effect as what you put on your body.

•Dehydration can sneak up on you, so make sure to drink plenty of water.
•Limit caffeinated, alcoholic or carbonated beverages, as they can speed up dehydration.
•Fruit juices and sports beverages can help replace minerals lost due to sweating, but don’t overdo it. They are also full of sugar, which can cause dehydration.
•Eat small, light meals.
•Eat foods high in water content, like fruits and vegetables.
Get out of there
When all else fails, hang out somewhere cool: a movie theater (one reason summer movies do so well), a mall, a library, a museum or even a friend’s house. Spending just a couple of hours in a cool environment will make you feel much better.

Looking For Things To DO?

Living Social and Groupon are great websites to get unbelievable deals or local restaurants and entertainment in the area. Check them out today and make tonight memorable.



Apartment Grilling Safety

Summer is approaching, and it's time to begin thinking of enjoying more time outdoors and inviting your friends over for a barbecue. The goal is to have fun, so make sure you follow a few safety tips so fun is all you will experience.

When you're ready to grill, make sure your grill is placed at a safe distance away from your apartment, wooden porch or deck railing, low-hanging branches, flammable liquids, and other combustible materials. Some experts recommend at least 10 to 12 feet of distance from anything susceptible to the heat of your grill.

If you have a charcoal grill, one of the most imperative safety measures you can take is to make certain your coals are completely out before you toss them. Just leave them alone – at least overnight to make sure. Sometimes a charcoal briquette can remain active even overnight if it's buried in the middle of the ashes. So even though you may think your coals have gone completely out, remember just one spark can cause a fire. If you need to get rid of the coals, remove them from the hot grill and use cold water to make sure all embers are completely cooled.

If you have a gas grill, you should take the time to make sure there are no leaks in the gas lines – before you light up the grill. You can use a product especially made to test for leaks or you can use dishwashing liquid to see whether air bubbles occur where the gas lines are connected. Play it safe and take just a little extra care and precaution to make sure everyone has fun on the patio and no one is injured from carelessness.

Schools Out Summer Is Here!

Summer is here at last! We just wanted to give everyone a friendly reminder that anyone under the age of 16 needs to be accompanied by an adult resident while in the clubhouse. Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions reguarding this matter (407) 396-8259. Thank you for your cooperation, have a fun and safe summer!

The Staff at Integra Meadows

Popular Apartment Decorating Styles

If apartment decorating doesn’t come naturally to you, don’t worry: you can still create great-looking apartment decor by modeling your interior after a popular decorating style. Here is an overview of common apartment decorating styles to use as a guide.

A modern or contemporary look has sleek lines, minimal frills and neutral colors with a few vibrant accents. Open spaces are characteristic of this style, as well as furniture made of very light or very dark wood. The contemporary look is all about contrast and a clean, airy feeling. Think Scandinavian decor and Ikea. Those are prime examples of this decorating style that may inspire you.

If you like a cozy feel, then the cottage style might be the way to go. It’s a very warm and personal decorating style that draws inspiration from seaside beach cottages and quaint country homes. Cottage style is a welcoming, lived-in look that reminds you of your grandmother’s house. Traditional cottage colors are green, blue, yellow and white. Think vintage quilts, wicker furniture and great flea market finds.

Transport yourself to another hemisphere with a hot, seductive Mediterranean décor. This style is based on traditional Spanish and Italian decorating. The color palette features red, orange and yellow tones. Add texture with ironwork, terra cotta pottery, and mosaics. Imagine the aged, Old World feel of a courtyard in Barcelona.

Maybe hot and sunny isn’t your thing and you’d prefer a more traditional look pulled from classic French and English styles. The Traditional style is quite romantic with soft tones, floral and patterned fabrics, and intricate architectural details. It is often a very formal and balanced decor, filled with elegant antiques that mirror the look of an English manor house.

Outdoorsy apartment dwellers will love the rustic decorating style. It centers on bringing nature into your home by incorporating elements of the outdoors. This decor uses natural woods, stone and earth tones. It’s as if you turned your apartment into a rustic log cabin. Trek to some online cabin rental sites for a peek into this deep woods decorating style.

The retro style is one of the most playful, because anything goes. Pick a favorite era or decade and load up your apartment with decorative items from that time period. One of the most recently popular retro styles is 1950s Mid-Century Modern. When a period style gets hot again, home décor companies will start to create new items in that style, so it may be easy to find items that fit today’s retro trend without spending a lot of time at flea market and antique stores.

Did one of these styles stand out for you? Do a little online research to see photos of apartments and homes decorated in that style. Take a look at those examples for ideas that you can reproduce — or use them to fuel your creativity and design your own stylish apartment.

Yummy Summer Dessert!

Mint Chip Ice Cream Pie
Serves 8
Hands-On Time: 10m
Total Time: 2hr 25m


8 ounces chopped semisweet chocolate, melted

4 cups crisped rice cereal (such as Rice Krispies)

2 pints mint chocolate-chip ice cream, slightly softened


1.In a large bowl, combine the chocolate and cereal until the cereal is completely coated. Transfer to a 9-inch springform pan. Press the mixture into the bottom and 1 inch up the sides of the pan. Freeze just until firm, 5 to 10 minutes.

2.Spread the ice cream in the prepared crust and freeze, covered, until firm, for at least 2 hours and up to 3 days.