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If you desire an exquisite lifestyle with the ultimate in luxury and convenience, look no furhter than Integra Meadows. Throughout every part of our community, you will marvel at the unsurpassed attention to detail and quality. Now it's your chance to enjoy the fruits of our labor and discover the many pleasures of life at Integra Meadows.

Centrally located in the growing town of Davenport, Florida, Integra Meadows is just a short drive to the excitement of Kissimmee and the action of Orlando. We are only minutes away from Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World and all major attractions! Situated just off I-4, Integra Meadows is also convenient to the Tampa Bay area, Lakeland and Four Corners - putting you at the center of it all.

We will keep leasing information and updates on this site so check back frequently. Already live at Integra Meadows? This is a place for current and future residents! It's a great place to get to know your property, find out information and get your questions answered. You'll find updates on our awesome resident social events here as well as news and highlights on our beautiful community.

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Mardi Gras Univeral City Walk

Catch The Beads!

A highlight of Mardi Gras at Universal Orlando® is the spectacular parade that winds its way through the streets of Universal Studios. Dazzling floats, colorful costumes and more! Gather the family and get ready to catch beads by the handful!


Catch The Spirit!

Stroll through our French Quarter Courtyard and enjoy authentic Cajun food* and live music from bands direct from New Orleans. It's the perfect way to soak up the flavor and feel of The Big Easy.

Each night when Mardi Gras ends, there's more live music, food and excitement waiting for you at Universal CityWalk®, the official Mardi Gras After-Party

Carpet Cleaning!!

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♥ “Love isn’t hard to find…. It’s hard to keep” ♥

Brief History of Valentine’s Day and It’s Myths

If you’re any bit romantic then you most probably celebrate Valentines Day each year on February the 14th. Valentines Day 2012 is no exception, it’s a time for Love, Flowers, Romance, Chocolate, spoiling the one you love or even the one you lust! But have you ever stopped to ask yourself what Valentines Day historically means?

Valentines Day is celebrated using the name of Saint Valentine. There is much myth and confusion regarding Saint Valentine due to the Catholic Church recognising three different ‘St Valentines’. Here’s a little overview of these myths and then perhaps you can make your mind up for yourself.

Myth #1 ♥

‘Valentine’ was a priest who served Rome during the third century. During this time the Emperor decided that un-married soldiers are much better than married ones, hence the reason he outlawed marriage for young soldiers. Valentine the priest believed this was unjust and began to perform marriages in secret for young lovers. When the emperor found this out, he sentenced Valentine to death. So basically according to this myth, Valentine the priest helped hold together the sanctuary of ‘LOVE’ thru marrying young loves. Sweet!

Myth #2 ♥

‘Valentine’ was a prisoner, and whilst being incarcerated he fell in love with a girl. This girl happened to be the daughter of the prison warden and she visited him often. According to legend just before he died he wrote her a love letter and signed it ‘From your Valentine’.

Myth #3 ♥

Others believe that Valentines Day is celebrated on the 14th of February to commemorate the anniversary of ’Valentine’ (the prisoners) death, this story perhaps reflects upon respect and heroism of a romantic and ‘in LOVE’ man/human being.

Myth #4 ♥

Is related to the Roman god Lupercalia (God of Agriculture) and the fertility festival called ‘Faunus’ that was held mid-February. This is where various ceremonies would be undertaken in order to make women in the city more fertile. After the ceremony took place the women of the city would place their names in a large urn and the Bachelors of the city would pick out a name of a lady whom they would be matched with and would have to spend a year pairing with. These pairs often resulted in marriage and LOVE!

Myth #5 ♥

It is a common belief in France and England, that Valentines Day (February the 14th) is the beginning of the mating season for birds.