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If you desire an exquisite lifestyle with the ultimate in luxury and convenience, look no furhter than Integra Meadows. Throughout every part of our community, you will marvel at the unsurpassed attention to detail and quality. Now it's your chance to enjoy the fruits of our labor and discover the many pleasures of life at Integra Meadows.

Centrally located in the growing town of Davenport, Florida, Integra Meadows is just a short drive to the excitement of Kissimmee and the action of Orlando. We are only minutes away from Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World and all major attractions! Situated just off I-4, Integra Meadows is also convenient to the Tampa Bay area, Lakeland and Four Corners - putting you at the center of it all.

We will keep leasing information and updates on this site so check back frequently. Already live at Integra Meadows? This is a place for current and future residents! It's a great place to get to know your property, find out information and get your questions answered. You'll find updates on our awesome resident social events here as well as news and highlights on our beautiful community.

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New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Apartment

New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be limited to losing weight or writing the great American novel. Why not pledge now to do some nice things for yourself in your apartment this year?
Get organized: Many of us would like to be better organized. Whether it’s paper clutter in the “landing area” of your apartment, closets that are overflowing, or a child’s room with contents that migrate all over the apartment, getting serious about keeping your possessions under control is an excellent New Year’s resolution.
Clean more often: Even though cleaning is not a favorite pastime for most of us, no one would argue that the quality of life in our home improves in direct proportion to its cleanliness. Discover what motivates you to keep your place clean, whether it’s setting up a cleaning chore chart with your roommates or adding green materials to your cleaning regimen. Make keeping your apartment cleaner part of your goal-setting plan for the year.
Redecorate: Is your apartment stuck in a decade that you are tired of visiting? Or maybe you moved in a year ago but never got around to actually hanging pictures on the walls? If you find yourself in a decor rut as the old year is ending, make interior designing your New Year’s resolution. Get inspired, set your priorities, write up a budget, and start making it happen. This will be the year you create the apartment you can’t wait to come home to!
Create a nicer place for all: Your new resolution doesn’t have to concern life in your apartment alone. How about improving the environment in your apartment community? You could start an apartment community library or do your part to conserve natural resources in the area where you live. Ask your neighbors about positive changes they’d like to see and resolve to be the catalyst that makes at least one of them happen in the new year.

Resolve to keep these New Year’s resolutions by writing them down and revisiting them frequently to maintain your focus. Make this the year you move away from procrastination and toward happy new beginnings for you and your apartment!

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