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Renters Insurance... PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY!

Dear Valued Residents,

Recently within our apartment portfolio we have experienced two stove grease fires that occurred when a resident was cooking. In both incidents neither renter had “RENTERS INSURANCE”. In one situation the fire itself caused minor damage however, the water from the sprinkler system and Fire Department caused severe damage to the resident’s apartment as well as the neighbors below. The cost for repair, cleaning, and replacement of furnishings exceeded $5,000. In the other incident the staff arrived on the scene and was able to put the fire out in time to keep the sprinkler system from flooding their apartment and the apartments below! The cost for the damage to the apartment stove, cabinets and cleaning up of smoke damage still exceeded $5,000.

In the past two months we have experienced forest fires near some of our apartment communities. Fortunately the quick action of the local fire departments kept the fire from spreading into the apartment communities. This could have been catastrophic loss for hundreds of residents. With no renters insurance your personal belongings would not be covered by the apartment community’s property insurance.

To those of you who reside in any of our coastal communities, hurricane season is beginning in June just weeks away. Storm damage is probable in the wake of a hurricane. Damage to your personal items from any type of storm is not covered under the apartment community’s property insurance. Many of you have seen the recent devastation in North Carolina and Georgia from tornado activity. If your building is damaged or destroyed you are not covered for your personal belongings.

What you need to know is that YOU are personally liable for damages to the apartment community as well as damage to units surrounding you even if the Fire Department creates the damage with their equipment and water! This could be financially devastating to you and your family. Below are list of the many reasons you need to be insured.

Did you know that if lightning were to strike your apartment building causing damage to your electronics (TV, computer, etc.) you would be responsible for the replacement/repair costs of these items? The Landlord’s insurance is not.

Did you know that if lightening were to strike your apartment building causing a fire you are responsible for all of the personal contents inside your apartment home? The Landlord’s insurance is not.

Did you know that if a neighbor leaves a candle unattended causing a fire, and/or smoke or water damages your personal belongings, Integra Meadows would not be responsible for the loss? And, if your neighbor does not have their own personal property insurance, again, you would be responsible for the replacement cost of these items.

Did you know that if a hurricane or tropical storm causes your apartment’s roof to leak or windows to break causing water damage to your personal belongings, the replacement cost of your items would not be covered by the landlord’s insurance?

And finally, did you know that if a visitor is injured in your apartment or at the community while visiting you, you could be held liable for their medical expenses and more? Your current and future earnings could be at risk.

Many people are under the impression that an apartment communities’ insurance will cover such losses but this is inaccurate. The landlord’s policy does not include liability for something that happens in your rented residence or to your personal belongings.

How can you protect yourself and all of your personal property? Please obtain renter’s insurance. It is fairly inexpensive and your car insurance company may offer discounts for multiply policies. Most insurance carriers can help you select just the coverage you need based on exactly what you own so the renter’s insurance policy will suite your specific needs. The average annual cost for renter’s insurance today is approximately $120 per year a small price to pay to be able to replace your entire household. Often times you can add renter’s insurance through your current automobile insurance policy for a better rate!

Section 8 of your lease agreement clearly expresses your need for insurance and your responsibility for protecting your personal property. Please protect yourself and your property by contacting your insurance company and begin a renter’s insurance policy today!

Last but not least: This picture was taken on May 17, 2011 from a local apartment community where the neighboring woods began to burn. High winds caused the fire to spread quickly. Fortunately the local fire department was able to contain the fire. As you can see by the picture, there is a car in the parking area next to an apartment building and had this fire gotten out of control several people could have lost everything. Protect yourself! Don’t be a victim!

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